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Prevent Breaches, Ransomware, and Data Loss with Sophos Endpoint

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Download the Product click below


Prevent Breaches, Ransomware, and Data Loss with Sophos Endpoint

The Industry's Most Sophisticated Endpoint Security Solution

Sophos Intercept X delivers unparalleled protection, stopping advanced attacks before they impact your systems. Powerful EDR and XDR tools let your organization hunt for, investigate, and respond to suspicious activity and indicators of attack.

Prevention-First Approach

Sophos Intercept X takes a comprehensive approach to endpoint protection without relying on one security technique. Web, application, and peripheral controls reduce your attack surface and block common attack vectors. AI, behavioral analysis, anti-ransomware, anti-exploitation, and other state-of-the-art technologies stop threats fast before they escalate. This means resource-stretched IT teams have fewer incidents to investigate and resolve.

Intercept X includes CryptoGuard advanced anti-ransomware technology that stops new variants and never-before-seen ransomware. CryptoGuard inspects the contents of files to detect encryption and ransomware running on your network. Files encrypted by ransomware will automatically roll back to a safe state, irrespective of size or file type, minimizing the impact on business productivity.

Straight out of the box, Intercept X builds on the basic protection available in Microsoft Windows, adding no fewer than 60 proprietary, pre-configured, and tuned exploit mitigations. Intercept X protects against fileless attacks and zero-day exploits by stopping the techniques used throughout the attack chain.

Protect All Of Your Endpoints

Get complete protection for all of your endpoints. Works across all of your desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, and mobile devices. Works across all major operating systems.


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Intercept X is available for devices running on Windows and macOS. Intercept X is the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint protection and includes the options for powerful extended detection and response (XDR) and a fully managed detection and response (MDR) service.

For further information please see the Intercept X datasheetMac datasheet and XDR datasheet.

Get details on system requirements and supported operating systems in the Windows and macOS articles.

For supported Linux features see the license guide.

Why Sophos

Powered by threat intelligence, AI and machine learning from SophosLabs and SophosAI, Sophos delivers a broad portfolio of advanced products and services to secure users, networks and endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing and the wide range of other cyberattacks. Sophos provides a single integrated cloud-based management console, Sophos Central – the centerpiece of an adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem that features a centralized data lake that leverages a rich set of open APIs available to customers, partners, developers, and other cybersecurity vendors. Sophos sells its products and services through reseller partners and managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide.