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Sangfor IAG - Secure Web Gateway & Web Filtering Solution


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Sangfor IAG - Secure Web Gateway & Web Filtering Solution

Accelerating modern trends such as cloud applications adoption, the move of the hybrid workplace and increased use of mobile and personal devices for work have all constantly put more pressure on the organization to ensure a secure workforce environment. At the same time, a rise in encrypted applications, proxy avoidance applications, and increasingly affordable availability of third-party VPN applications have imposed further liability for the organization where it can easily bypass your security perimeter undetected without any protection. You need an extensive secure web gateway not only to protect your organization against these common threats but also as a critical asset for safeguarding user internet access behavior.

Why Sangfor IAG?

Sangfor IAG enables you to identify, analyze and take immediate action upon user internet access behavior.

Product Advantages

Proxy Avoidance Protection

Web filters are commonly used by the organization to restrict user internet access to certain web applications content and it has increasingly become non-effective against proxy avoidance applications. IAG collaborates with Endpoint Secure to enforce Proxy Avoidance Protection on any user attempt to use this application for bypassing the security perimeter more effectively. R&D team within Sangfor employs a dedicated team of application signatures security experts who are continuously categorizing and adding the latest proxy avoidance applications to ensure that detection rate and blocking capabilities are current and up to date.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Sangfor IAG improves bandwidth utilization by more than 30% using three unique major traffic management solutions. Dynamic Traffic Control automatically adjusts traffic control policies and intelligently allocates idle bandwidth resources. Intelligent Flow Control precisely manages both up-link and down-link P2P traffic and can customize traffic "packages" for different users, allocating specific traffic quotas and limiting bandwidth for heavier users.

Gateway and Client Decryption to Uncover Encrypted Traffic

Typically, a majority of internet traffic is protected by SSL/TLS encryption. While encryption helps to keep user and corporate data protected and private, it also creates security challenges when it comes to the rapid growth of malware infections and other malicious content. Sangfor IAG offers both decryption methods including gateway and client decryption to overcome these challenges. This enables an organization to have the flexibility to run either one or both in parallel to uncover encrypted traffic according to your corporate IT strategy and planning. 

Unified Network-wide Management of all Clients

Sangfor IAG provides Unified Management and effectively controls both Wired and Wireless networks for the entire network. With intuitive and flexible authentication methods, it fully guarantees the security of access control, supporting a variety of traditional authentication methods such as username/password, IP/MAC binding, and a wide array of value-added marketing authentication methods (QR code, SMS, WeChat, Social media, OA account, SAML 2.0, third-party system, etc.). Permissions are controlled based on user, application, location, and client types while using IAG or third-party wireless controller as a unified authentication server, building a faster and more cost-effective wireless network. 

Precise and Accurate Application Control

Sangfor IAG manages and controls network applications more comprehensively, accurately, and conveniently with the largest application signature database in Asia, which can identify more than 6,000+ applications in its database including 700+ cloud applications, 1,000+ mobile applications, 300+ web applications, and is updated every 2 weeks. In addition, it precisely controls applications according to their specific functions, such as distinguishing upload, download, and other actions in the network. Finally, bulk management mode for large enterprises greatly improves management efficiency.

Offloading Performance When Using ICAP Integration With Third Party System

Sangfor IAG can act as an ICAP client to be used with any ICAP server-enabled network appliance by offloading threat protection or other value-added services. In addition, Sangfor IAG provides request and response inspection mode while enabling the ICAP server group to run on a round-robin or concurrent condition. 

Secure Onboarding Devices With Endpoint Security Posture

Sangfor IAG identifies and secure endpoint devices with or without agents, it helps to ensure these devices are connected with compliant and secure. You gain visibility and control what is on your environment without impacting your network performance.  

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