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Sangfor Cyber Command - NDR Platform


Intelligent Threat Detection and Response Platform

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Advanced Network Detection and Response (NDR)

Cyber Command can be trusted to improve the overall IT security of your enterprise while eliminating potential cybersecurity risks:

  • Superior threat detection and response capabilities by monitoring internal network traffic.

  • Correlating existing security events by applying AI and behavior analysis technology - all aided by global threat intelligence.

  • Uncovering existing security breaches while impact analysis identifies hidden threats within the network.

  • Integrating network and endpoint security solutions to respond to threats in an automated and simplified manner.

Advantages: Making Cyber Threat Hunting Simpler

Sangfor's Cyber Command offers a host of advantages for clients for cyber threat hunting and threat detection

Faster Respond

Cyber Command is paired with threat intelligence and attacks on all level of the attack-chain - meaning faster alerts to exploitation attempts, slow brute force attacks, C&C activities, lateral movements, P2P traffic, and data theft. A faster response is created by using incident investigation and tight integration with network and endpoint security solutions.

Sophisticated Detection

Cyber Command uses advanced and intelligent machine learning software to detect all potential threats within the system. Performing comprehensive impact analysis of known breaches to track “patient zero,” by evaluating all possible points of entrance. Cyber Command’s unique “Golden Eye” feature studies the behavior of compromised assets like inbound and outbound connections and usage of ports and protocols, and uses this valuable information to strengthen external and internal system defenses.

Integrated Security

Use managing multiple security products and capturing them under one dashboard can be challenging but Sangfor's Cyber Command - combined with Sangfor Endpoint Secure and Next Generation Firewall (NGAF) - provides flexible and effective security in a simplified and comprehensive manner - offering recommendations for policy endpoint and network correlation or patching.

Superior Visibility

The Cyber Command Response Center provides a simplified and detailed visual presentation of the entire attack chain - allowing you to monitor the entire detection and elimination process from the comfort of a single, detailed dashboard. this gives you full transparency and a holistic view of your security infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Sangfor's Cyber Command offers integrated and complete threat detection and protection that won't break the bank and is much more cost efficient than other software security options - such as SIEM solutions.

Features and Capabilities of Cyber Command NDR

Golden Eye

With the rise of AI technology, Sangfor has strengthened its Cyber Command platform with its unique “Golden Eye” feature - which studies the behavior of compromised assets and uses this information to strengthen external and internal system defenses, making cyber threat hunting easier.

Cross Platform Integration

Sangfor understands that uprooting your entire cybersecurity infrastructure can be challenging and costly which is why Cyber Command is compatible with multiple different devices. It's very easy to deploy within your data centers and branches offices, allowing you to keep existing systems and simply configure Cyber Command into your network.

Eliminate Blind Spots

A huge blind spot in most organizations is the inability to see threats that spread laterally across the network. Cyber Command boasts 100% visibility of East-West and North-South traffic - monitoring, analyzing, detecting threats and decoding data using network applications like DNS or mail, and applying advanced AI analysis to uncover suspicious behavior.

Stealth Threat Analysis (STA)

Existing security solutions may be able to block 99% of malwares but there are still thousands of new malware variants popping up each day that can bypass your security devices and cause damage. Cyber Command has the power to detect that 1% using enhanced responses from Sangfor’s Stealth Threat Analysis (STA) – a sensor which collects raw network traffic that is mirrored from switches, extracts security events and detects abnormal behaviors.

About Sangfor

Sangfor Technologies is a leading global vendor of IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in Cloud Computing & Network Security with a wide range of products & services including Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Next-Generation Firewall, Internet Access Management, Endpoint Protection, Ransomware Protection, Managed Detection and Response, WAN Optimization, SD-WAN, and many others.